"Dear Florentina,
I am writing to thank you for being such a wonderful, dependable and reliable adult family home owner and for providing such a loving, caring, safe, and secure living situation for my mother for over three years. I have really appreciated the way that you agreed to accept my mother, a person with mid-stage Alzheimer's, Bipolar Disorder and High Blood Pressure, into your home and filled her days with such wonderful, loving personal care, great food, entertainment, fresh air and walks (when able to walk) and excellent medical oversight. I also appreciate how you monitored her health, communicated with her medical providers and also with me. I highly recommend your home to family members seeking a loving family home like atmosphere for their loved ones.

Yours Sincerely,
Sharon Hennessy"

"Dear Florentina, Marian and Maria,
Four years ago, when I could no longer personally provide the care that Sally required, I placed her in an adult care facility. It was a lovely place, but the owners relied on staff for the care that was given. The night staff was very militant and Sally was not happy.

My daughter heard from a friend that Harmony Adult Care was staffed by a family. We visited and were very pleased with what we saw. Three years ago April, we moved Sally into your care. What a difference this made in Sally's life. She was happy, comfortable and very well cared for by the three of you. You became part of our family and we could leave the area for a few days without worrying. We thought it couldn't be better.

When you moved to the new location, it did get better. Your experience in caregiving has enabled you to create, in our opinion, the ideal adult care environment. The location, with a view of the Sound, the islands and the Olympic mountain range provides your residents with a peaceful and stimulating backdrop for their new home.

Sally and I lived on the ocean in Southern California for almost fifty years. I know that she thinks she is back there. I can see it in her eyes.

Thank you so much for your loving care. The residents that are, or become part of your home are truly blessed. Maybe some day I will be among them. I would recommend you to anyone.

With much love and respect,

Bill Muller"

"Dearest Tia, Marian and Maria,
There are not enough words to tell you what a blessing you have been in our lives... mom's, dad's and mine! Finding you was a gift from God. The memories will continue to bless you for years to come. Thank you for nurturing my mother and loving her through the hard times. Thank you for your tenderness, love, encouragement and exceptional care. You are a most amazing team! Please take care of yourselves as you continue in this important ministry...My heart overflows with love and appreciation.
With all my love,

Cathy Tradal"

I don't know if you realize what an important person you are to the Jaeger family. It was fate that brought us together. Thank you for caring for my "Opa" as he was your own.

We would be lost without all of your unconditional love and support.
This most recent hospital visit only solidified our feelings.
Thank you!!

Colleen Jaeger Derne"

"Dear Tia, Marian & Maria,
Thank you for the beautiful flowers for mom's funeral...She would have loved them! I would also like to thank you for taking such good care of our mother for so many years! I was constantly anxious about her for all the years she was in her previous facilities. Once she came to your home I think all three of us calmed down.

Your adult family home was a true blessing to the three of us. We shall miss you terribly and hope in the near future you can take more time off for yourselves!
God Bless You!

Susan Murphy"

Dear Tia, Marian and Maria,
"I think I woke up in heaven". That's what my father said to you the first morning in your home. And when I remember the serene expression on his face that last morning, I'm pretty sure he still felt that way.
My life has been blessed by seemingly random events that changed everything, and Kate leading me to your door that day - with no appointment - is one of them. I don't think any child can hope for more for a parent than to know they are with people they trust, who love them and comfort them, who laugh, who treat them with respect and compassion, who honor their past, who protect them and keep them safe. You gave that to him, and to our family.
Looking back over the past three years, I am so glad that my father moved in while he was still able to share stories of his life - to compliment you on the delicious meals (especially the schnitzel, which he was sure you made just for him) - to marvel at the view of the Sound and the sunsets from his room - to joke around - to savor the afternoon piece of chocolate - and to hold hands with Peggy.   You welcomed us into your home and into your family, and for that we will be forever thankful.
With love and appreciation for all the love you've given us.

Leslie Jaeger Perrin


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